Bradford Bridge May 2017

Breathtaking! That was my reaction to watching Rick Geddes and his crew work on the excavation and elevation of our Town Hall. They started with small Bobcat tractor/loader devices and worked like giant ants taking out the earth and “nuggets” and loading them onto Town trucks for later “recycling” on our roads. As they tunneled inward, they inserted I-beams and cribs to support the building. It was ballet worthy of the Bolshoi.When they were done with the excavating and shoring up, the building was raised to its present lofty height of about four feet.

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Mather House Move | Williamstown, Mass

Mather House has been moved several times during its history, according to the college’s website. It previously stood at the corner of Park Street and Main Street but was moved to make way for Faculty House/Alumni Center. In 2002, Mather House was moved from another Main Street location to make way for the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance, the facility best known as home to the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

Historical Building Swaps Library For Spot

WESTWOOD — The old Colburn School was moved off of its 130 plus year old foundation by Geddes Building Movers to make a new location for the updated library. The house movers from Bow, NH moved the 3 story 200 ton 50 by 60-foot building over to High st.

The move was done to make way for the construction of the new $14 million library, that has been made possible via grants, donation’s and property tax…

Sanbornton’s Historic Church Gets Moved

SANBORNTON — Over the period of a couple years the plans to move quite possible the oldest church in Sanbornton have been implemented. The church was moved a total of 24 feet by Geddes Building Movers to allow for a modernization of the church to be done.

The building move made the church by close to the vestry which the church is going to connect too in the near future…

Gundalow Launched | Portsmouth NH

PORTSMOUTH — A nine month hard battle of work resulted in a fantastic new gundalow. Shipwright Master Paul E. Rollins Sr. of Maine built the magnificent boat with volunteers and a crew of workers. During the move Geddes Building Movers helped greatly with the process to transfer the boat to its new home in the water…

Lake Sunapee Building Moved

SUNAPEE – Geddes Building Movers lifted a moved a building that used to have the Lake Sunapee Bank in it. The building was set down on the same property just further west of its old location. New developments are planned for the older location…