Structural Raising, Shoring, & Moving Experts.

Proudly Serving New England For Over 30 Years

Historic & Municipal

Our team has vast experience raising, shoring, and moving old historical buildings as well as municipal buildings throughout New England.

Commercial Buildings

We work with many commercial clients and we are plenty capable to raise and moving larger commercial structures requiring cranes & more.

Residential Houses

We have helped relocated many residential homes throughout New England through meticulous planning and a well-communicated experience.

Reputable Building & House Movers from Bow, NH

Geddes Building Movers of Bow, NH, is one of the most experienced building and house movers in New England providing expert building relocation services for even the most difficult jobs.

Geddes House Movers pride ourselves on providing the most reliable, efficient and well-communicated experience by highly trained experts that ensure we deliver a top-notch service.


Your Complete Building & House Moving Service

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Technical & Practical Experience

With more than 30 years’ experience providing building relocation and moving services, Geddes Building & House Movers is the most reputable house movers you will find. Having moved structures across the nation and throughout the New England area, our planners and moving specialists know moving a building is not a simple task.

Regardless of the number of houses and buildings we’ve moved in the past, our crew takes great care and caution when planning each move, as our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and the building’s security while maintaining an incredibly high level of safety for everyone involved.

Reputable, Reliable, & Professional

You can count on our house movers exactness and technical skills. Geddes Building and House Movers have had the pleasure of moving structures for the American Diner Museum, as well as the Thomas Edison House. You can absolutely believe our dedication and professionalism translate to every project and every move.

Whether it is a historical, government, commercial, or residential structure our moving process remains the same. Provide excellent service to our clients. Call us with any of your questions or concerns. Our team of house movers are here to help you in any way possible.

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