Building & House Moving Services

Geddes Building Movers of Bow, New Hampshire, offers expert commercial & residential house moving service, meticulously planning and preparing for each house or building relocation project.

Using the most sophisticated technology and a great understanding of architecture, buildings are gently lifted and secured for transport with a similar process utilized for setting and securing it properly at its new location.

The Art Of Moving A Building

To move a house or building properly, our house moving service is a delicate and precise process taking a great amount of skill and knowledge. The crew of Geddes Building Movers understands the process inside and out and has the experience to move nearly any structure, safely and securely.

We are a complete building or house moving service that moves entire structures, including the plumbing, foundation, and heating cooling systems, you can rest assured that your building will make it to its destination intact and completely secure.

Building Relocation Process

Because every building has its unique qualities and each move requires tailored plans and strategies to ensure a perfect move. Our planners and moving team will sit with you to properly plot out your needs and allow you a complete understanding of the moving process.

The goal is to make you as comfortable as possible as well as ensure you the project will be completed perfectly, exceeding your expectations. Our planning and strategic process applies to hoisting buildings, equipment transport, heavy materials handling, and more.

Historical, Municipal, and Commercial Building Movers

From historical homes and churches to diners, schools, and hospitals, we have moved it all. We are a Proud International Association of Building Moving Companies Member

Often a large structure requires our agency to employ a commercial crane. This allows us to properly and securely hoist and place the building securely for transport. Our agency has access to several different size cranes, allowing us to move a host of different structures. Contact Geddes Building and House moving service today!